March 17: Going home to St. Louis

6:45 AM EDT, Airbnb
A confused rooster crows despite the sky still being dark out and the sun nowhere close to rising. I lie awake for an hour in anticipation of driving home for eight hours today. Jaret wakes up around eight and we begin picking up our things to depart.

10:07 AM EDT, Airbnb
We get on the road to head towards Nashville for lunch.

12:25 PM CDT, Mission BBQ
Somewhere along the road, the time changed back to what we are used to. We arrive at Mission BBQ, situated in a Nashville mall adjacent to the Grand Ole Opry. I get the smoked salmon, mac and cheese, and cornbread.


1:13 PM CDT, Mission BBQ
We get back on the road to head directly to St. Louis.

5:53 PM CDT, St. Louis
We arrive home just in time for dinner! We miss our cat and roommate a lot and we’re glad to be back. We can’t compare anything in St. Louis to the Great Smoky Mountains, but we took the Smokies with us in our hearts.

March 14-17: The Great Smoky Mountains Reflection and Advice for Hikers
March 16: Waterfall, river, and fried catfish! <—

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