About Me

My name’s Kathleen. I’m living in St. Louis right now, but I’ll be moving to Seattle this summer of 2018. I live with my boyfriend, Jaret, and our cat, Tounces. We’re huge foodies. I like to read, engage in deep conversations, and rock-climb. We’re also big music enthusiasts.

Something that I’ve always been drawn to is the concept of living life to the fullest extent. As a Type A “INTJ” (as determined by the Myers-Briggs Personality Test), it’s difficult for me to just sit still and watch the world pass me by, idly. So here I am. I’m determined to write as much as I can of the things that interest me, which is a lot of things.

I’m a firm believer that every day is a lesson, and that you may learn from it or you may not, but you should take it as it is and not let it get you down.

Some people that I look up to are my closest friends, who are all firm advocates for equity and change for minorities and lower-class citizens. Jaret acts as another role model for me. He’s a determined citizen and a fellow steward of the Earth.

If you’d like to collaborate with me, I’m totally willing to do that! Just contact me in the contact link above!